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If you have not done this vital exercise to understand yourself better, understand your deficiencies and know more about yourself, you are already taking time. Get to know yourself and work on your deficiencies.

I think that a long time ago I dedicated a blog to write about this topic, but if I don’t remember it is that perhaps I did it a long time ago or I simply had the intention.

Let’s do this exercise together and see how it goes, Wheel of Life.
This is our whole life turned into a wheel and partitions.  Each section is an aspect of our life.  If any of them do not match you, you can change it.  When we do the exercise we must be clear about several points.

We have to be honest, if it doesn’t do any good.

Let’s think about our life before the pandemic.  Because in the current situation some of the sections may be conditioned by our current daily life.

We must not get depressed by the result, on the contrary it has to serve us to improve or continue doing things as we have done before.

Let’s start with each section and think about the importance, time and dedication that we put into each of them, remembering to be honest.  Ahh, in the love section it is not exclusive for couple love.  It is the love in the abstract that you give and that you receive. Good friends know how to give you your time …

Scores range from 1 to 10, with ten being the greatest dedication to that aspect of your life.  .  You have to mark a point on the corresponding line.
Now once we have marked the points on the wheel, we have to join them all.
When they are united if the resulting drawing is the closest thing to a circle, it will be that more or less you have all the aspects of your life dominated and you dedicate your attention and time to everyone.

The normal thing is that the drawing is uneven with ups and downs and peaks, that’s where we will have to look to work on those that are in the lowest positions.

This is a tool from professionals that helps us to know ourselves from a visual perspective.  When we see how we live our life drawn, we empathize more with it.

I’m going to make my wheel and we’ll see what drawing appears.
Now I give you my results, this would be my wheel.

How I see there are many things I have to work on and I will.
I hope that your wheel turns out much better than mine and that this exercise reveals neglected aspects of which you may not have been aware.

Elena. M§

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