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Happy day of love and friendship

It for you to love me I have to renounce my identity, I prefer that you do not love me

If when you love me it is on condition of losing my dignity I prefer not to be in your life.

If to be loved I have to beg for love, stay away from me, because I will never love you again.

If to unite with your body I have to submit to your will I prefer to renounce love.

If when you love me you hurt me, you beat me, you annul me, you control me, don’t give me flowers because I will throw them in your face.

When my dreams are always postponed and they sacrifice to carry out yours, it is not love, it is submission.

If my words are not taken into account because you believe yourself more than I do and you humiliate me in public by disguising said offense in cheap jokes to be above, that my dear, is not love.

Today that is Valentine’s Day (day of love and friendship) I did not want to forget all those who live in fear, with unwanted submission, those who endure physical or psychological abuse, all those who believe they are loved, when  the harsh reality is totally different and love blinds them.

The word love is transmitted is this photo.

I wanted to open their eyes and shout that love is not continuous sadness, it does not mean fear, nor is it characterized by not wanting to live.

Love is generosity, joy, freedom to be alone and prefer to be accompanied.  When you are free and the cage of life has the door open for both of you, that is when true love appears and does not want to go through that door because everything it craves is inside.

Love is freedom, it is self-knowledge, it is self-recognition, it is restrained selfishness towards yourself, love is going the same path even though sometimes you have to take a different shortcut to reach the same goal.

When you love it does not hurt, when you want it you do not cry in pain, when you are loved you feel in a cloud where you can express your opinion without fear, act without fear and when you love with all your heart you do not need words because the facts speak for themselves  .

Please think about whether who you share your life with gives you freedom and doesn’t make you cry in pain.  If you feel subdued in any way and don’t see the way out, I BEG YOU THAT YOU HAVE JUST SUFFERED BECAUSE WHAT YOU LIVE IS NOT LOVE.


The abuser does not change no matter how much he begs for forgiveness, he does not change no matter how much he gives you presents, he can only change when you are not by his side and it is, with his full powers, who goes to a specialist to be treated, but that fight  it’s not yours.

Don’t put up with the first abuse because it won’t be the last.

016….  (Government delegation against gender violence).

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