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I have already spoken many times about elegance and how it does not depend only on clothes, but in this blog we are going to focus on what a sophisticated person would never wear or do.

Take note and aim .. (always from my humble opinion)

1… Go with clothes that are too short, tight, low-cut….  Although you may seem sexy and you are, depending on the use you are going to give the look it does not make you look elegant or sophisticated.  In fashion anything goes, but remember, less is more.

Picture taken from Elle.

2… .When you wear a pronounced neckline, try to wear something at the bottom that does not show much meat. The law of proportion in fashion is what makes the difference between an elegant look and one that is not.

If you are wearing a short skirt above, you will have to be covered.

If you are wearing a short skirt above, you will have to be covered.

3… Dress according to the event, place, act, situation….  If this same girl in the previous photo goes with this look to a barbecue with friends in the country, it will not be the most appropriate outfit for such an event even if the outfit is elegant.

4… As I have said before, in fashion as much as the attitude in life, less is more, so accessories in their proper measure.  If you are passionate about scarves, belts, jewelry, etc., wearing everything at once does not make you look elegant or sophisticated.  On the other hand, you will look like a whole at 100 even if what you wear is BVLGARI.

For a colorful photo it is fine, not elegant.

5… Go too flashy in an event that does not deserve it.  We start from the basis that fashion is taking risks, it is getting out of the comfort zone and that everyone can wear what makes them happy, but how what we are specifically dealing with is elegance, if an act that you have to go with  Cocktail dress you present yourself with a miniskirt and a very pronounced neckline, I assure you that you will attract attention but not precisely because you are elegant.

6… A well-done hairstyle, manicure and pedicure is what makes the difference.  You can wear a Chanel cocktail dress, but if you go with messy or unkempt hair, the Chanel dress will not be appreciated and they will only notice your unkempt hair.

7… Dress according to your age and style.  Who reads me knows that I am one of those whose age is not a handicap at all, but I have to admit that there are combinations, which are not elegant in themselves, if a woman of inappropriate age also saw them, the absurdity is more relevant.  .  On the contrary, it is also the same, if a young girl has to attend a wedding tomorrow and is wearing a serious, shapeless suit that is not her style, rather than being elegant she will look horrible not to mention that she will look older.

This look is not elegant in itself, if someone of an older age also saw it, it would be even more striking if possible (image taken from the digital magazine Que me dices)

8… Not having a proper way of being.  Elegance as I defend it is a compendium of many things and among them is knowing how to be, having good manners, not attracting attention even if your presence is unforgettable.  If someone lacks all this, they can already wear luxury in their clothing that will not be remembered for its elegance.  Talking aloud, chewing badly, saying tacos, giving an opinion without knowing a topic….

9… Postural education.  It is something very important to me and it comes a bit in line with the previous point.  The elegant person has a perfect postural vocabulary, knows how to sit, when getting up, takes care of his clothing so that it is comfortable in his movements, does not speak aloud, if a topic of conversation does not dominate it, it is preferable to say it if they ask you or  stay out of your opinion.  We cannot know everything.

10… Last but not least, the proper use of makeup.  A subtle, simple and proportionate makeup, accompanied by just the right touch of perfume is what any elegant person would wear wherever they are.  A very ornate makeup abusing shadows or lipstick etc. is totally tacky if you have to attend a distinguished event.

Google image «star style»

I hope all these tips serve you.

Another point that I did not want to miss because I think it is also important is:

11… Wanting to appear more than you are.  Either spending your two pay on a dress, either with your attitude, or buying clothes that you can not afford just to appear … All of this detracts from your elegance.  Because a Zara suit can be as elegant as a Chanel if your attitude and knowing how to be are right.


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