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New year and 365 opportunities open up for me, another year that the universe brings me a bag of good intentions, which for sure, I will not fulfill.

Another year in which the Christmas lottery has not visited me, that the lottery of the famous “CHILD” will not please me either, but at least I have HEALTH… ..

HEALTH, that word that comforts us when things don’t go our way but nobody believes.

I do not want to be pessimistic in this entry of the year but the truth is that they are the same words, the same good wishes and another year that will pass quickly.  With each year more, you have fewer dreams….

Who took my joy away? Who took my laughter, my expectations, my illusion?  I have illusions, don’t think about it, but they have changed how my circumstances have changed.

Health, money and love for this year but which of the three will be left behind?

Hence I live for today and for today, I don’t want to think about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is doubtful, tomorrow may not come …

I did not want to make this blog sad but I have started to write and this is what my fingers have composed.  I can’t write anything else.

I want to be consistent with what I feel because otherwise it would be hypocritical.  To make a blog to say empty words that are not true, it would not be honored of me, because to lie, I better create a story.  What I write is what I feel and today I feel melancholy.

I start the year like this but I am happy after all, because what I have is what I want, things would be missing but they don’t worry me, because if they have to arrive they will arrive and if not, why worry.

Perhaps these words are the result of the two glasses of cava that I have drunk to end the year.  In any case, here I leave my first thought of this 2021… ..

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