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Moral inculturation

I have heard of ignorance in general, of cultural ignorance (worth the redundancy) but I have never heard of moral and civic ignorance, which is the most widespread of all without a doubt.

I walk down the street and people no longer smile, they don’t say good morning, people are not empathetic, they are proud and the “please” has disappeared from the vocabulary.  «The thank you», the «you first» do not appear in his moral alphabet either.  I see and hear intolerant people to the point of being cruel.

I don’t know if it’s something that only I see.

The world is moving so fast that we cannot catch up.  We try to climb on the back of progress and sometimes we succeed and others not, but what cannot be set aside is the culture of moral education and good manners.

People demand freedom by coercing the freedom of the rest, tolerance is requested by being intolerant, freedom of expression is shouted when words destroy the freedom of others, respect is demanded when it is disrespectful, violence is fought with more violence and is sought  peace with wars.  We are crazy?  It all seems like an absurd staging in which we are all protagonists.

Morally there are many who have not yet learned to empathize with the rest, they do not know how to accept the thoughts of the rest and what some call freedom of expression, others call it verbal cruelty.  It does not get into our heads that our freedom ends when we endanger and risk the freedom of the rest.

It is difficult to hit the mark in a world full of injustices and nonsense, but if we individually want to impose our reason with violence and without reason, then the universe is destined to disappear.

All this makes me think that what is the use of so many university degrees, so many masters, so much brooding wisdom if the learning of life leaves much to be desired?

Study yes, but to be better and recognize empathy with the rest.  We must not remain morally uneducated all our lives because all our academic education will be worthless.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the other is not difficult but it is certain and people do not know but do not want to glimpse how others live because «eyes that do not see, hearts that do not feel.»  In this way it is much easier to be alien and live in individual worlds.          @mi_edad_perfecta.                            @conmdesanchez

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