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One day a fawn asks its mother, Mom, why do flowers exist, why are each one of them different and why don’t they move like us?

The fawn, like any child, was a bottomless pit of questions.  He was surprised by everything around him, he wondered about everything that he did not understand and learned from anyone who wanted to answer any of his numerous questions.

Her mother did not know how to answer or explain why all the flowers were different and why they stayed still in one place.

In order for the fawn to better understand what the mother wanted to convey to him, she told him a story that greatly interested the little one.

The mother of the fawn began to relate the story that begins like this:

_One day the universe, with its eyes fixed on each of the world’s inhabitants, observed how people could not express what they felt and feelings accumulated in the human being in an entrenched way.  Emotions did not come out of the souls of mortals because they did not know how to show them.

The lover did not know how to express the love he felt for his beloved, the father did not know how to tell his son the pride he felt for him, the kind, the mischievous, in short the emotions were trapped in the bodies causing each person  stop feeling.

The universe, which observed such a failure in its creation, thought and thought what it could do to make each one express their feelings.  He was speculating for days, months and even years until one day he appeared with the flowers.  The universe gave flowers to the world to give meaning to feelings.

Each flower expresses a unique feeling and so humans can say what they feel.

But the feelings and the flowers have to be alive so that they can be reborn and serve as a guide, as soon as a flower breaks the feeling is destroyed.

Since then, a red rose expresses the love of a lover, thorns express pain, the daisy brings joy out of sad hearts, the orchid inspires pure sensuality, the gardenia secret love … And so with each of the flowers.  With them we can express what we feel.  They do not remain immovable because their legs are their roots that extend throughout our soil … … _

_But my son_ continued the mother of the fawn, _when the flowers are cut the feelings disappear because they die with them_.

The fawn was gawking listening to his mother and for a moment his expression showed sadness and he asked his mother.  _ Mom, we eat flowers, so we are eating people’s feelings? _

The mother replied with the sweetness that characterizes mothers _ My intelligent puppy!  That is why people who mistreat animals lack feelings because we eat the flowers so that they return to the earth to be reborn with more force and when some human being hunts, kills, or mistreats any animal on the face of the earth.  ending his own feelings_

The fawn was satiated with the answer and hugged his mother showing her a red jasmine… ..

Do not mistreat animals, do not cut flowers to give as gifts, better give a container with flowers so that later they can continue living and above all be compassionate with any living being.

Elena.  M§

Respect so that they respect you, do not judge because no one is in anyone’s shoes and do not do what you do not like to be done to you.

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