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Posted on March 22, 2021

How many opportunities do we lose because of our damn pride!

Don’t let your pride stop you from going on with your life.  They say that being wrong is genius but asking for forgiveness is wise.  It costs much more to bear the burden of a victory than to accept a defeat.  You have to be much stronger when you win a battle than when you lose a war.  Victory can make you change and it can turn you into a cruel and unfair person so think very well what you want because it can become reality.

He who travels through life with the burden of guilt lives his existence half and most of the time the burden is emptied with a simple «I’m sorry» «I was wrong.»

To fly through the world without thinking about the evil that we do is to fly through life without a net because at any moment the wings with which we fly can break and they can make us fall without the possibility of rebirth.  However, recognizing our bad actions will make us fly calmly and without a net because our load will be smaller.

Also don’t be afraid to acknowledge what you do well because false modesty is pedantic and petulant.  When someone tells you that the work is well done say thank you and do not detract from what you do because therefore you devalue whoever tells you.

All these not-so-little rules of protocol will make life easier for you and live without grudges.  There is no greater wealth in this life than going to bed to sleep with your head well rested and with the peace of mind that you owe nothing to anyone.

But what happens when the culprit has no remorse and goes through life without the need for forgiveness, what happens to these victorious people who use their power to harm the other?  I think these types of people are so unhappy with their lives that everything around them is false.  Their feelings are false, their words are false … and deep down the loneliness of their souls are such that only by hurting they feel alive.

In short, respect so that they respect you, do not criticize because no one is in anyone’s shoes and do not do what you do not like being done to you.

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