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Evil is not something superhuman it is something less than human.  (Christie Agatha)

that when evil enters our lives in a thousand different ways we have to be strong to fight against it.

The most difficult thing nowadays is to be good people among so many corroded people….

What causes evil in people?  What motives lead them to do evil and how much more harm the better?

Greed, envy, power, lack of empathy, fanaticism, extremism, selfishness and I do not speak on a large scale but at a short distance, next to us.

The perversity is in that neighbor who gossips non-stop knowingly that she is offending someone and taking out his dirty laundry, in that friend disguised as good people who stabs you from behind with the face of «I was not», in that citizen who laughs  of another and mocks because he sees it differently, in that companion who defames or even worse hears the defamations and remains undaunted, in short that evil is much closer than we think.

Unfortunately, bad things don’t necessarily happen to evil people, sometimes they live their lives quietly, supposedly, and without any catastrophe to suffer.  It seems unfair but that is fate, many times it saves those who do not deserve it.

Today my fingers have written on this topic because yesterday I saw a film / documentary on Netflix about a real case in the United States.  This film «The case of the homicidal father» showed, with real images, the story of a father who kills his wife and his two 2 and 3-year-old daughters (I think I remember) because he simply wanted to be with another woman and did not want to get divorced.  Documentary film.  «The case of the murderous father»

A handsome, attractive, athletic man and apparently affectionate with his daughters and wife as the images of home videos showed that he performs such atrocity out of greed.

I stared at him in case he saw any sign of guilt on his face.  In the police videos, he is seen talking to the agents who were searching the house and his face showed little concern but without any sign of guilt.

My head could not process such barbarism.  I wanted to write about this story and I wanted to show how close the Machiavellian people are.

I do not reveal much more in case someone of you wants to see it, but the story is not wasted.

Well, if you like this type of film or you like criminology, I advise you to watch this documentary.

I have two very interesting stories on my blog, I invite you to read them.  The first is titled «DARK SOPOR» and the second «BROKEN MEMORIES» both are interesting, in my view, and in both there is a halo of mystery …

Elena.  M§

Respect so that they respect you, do not judge because no one is in anyone’s shoes and do not do what you do not like to be done to you.



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