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How immature you are, you will never settle down doing so much nonsense!

A very recurring derogatory attribute for some when they see that someone does not act as expected.

It is a word that I find boring.  And it is boring because of the association we make of it with behaviors such as seriousness, sobriety, classicism, rectitude, not going beyond the standards and it is, perhaps because of this, that I am not very enthusiastic about this word.

Downloading the penalties by doing things that a priori would not suit you, does not make you less mature in your most transcendental decisions.

The word happy is cloying to me because if you are not talking about our socio-political system, the next elections, the bloody pandemic or any transcendental issue, you are not considered a serious, responsible person or of course mature.

Maturity begins with the happiness of oneself without harming anyone and not depending on someone or depending on anything.  To be happy and self-realizing you only need your attitude.  Nor is it linked to the work you do more traditional or less, it has nothing to do with your classic or fun way of dressing and of course it has nothing to do with being the life of the party or the one who prefers to enjoy in the background.

Why if we see someone giving their all at a party, do we point the finger at him saying that he doesn’t know how to behave and that he looks like an immature child?  Perhaps that person is happy for herself and that happiness is obtained from her inner self and not from anything or anyone.

Laugh all you can… .. You are still mature and responsible.

He is a mature being who does not need anyone to be happy.  Perhaps if he shares his life with someone who also adds him, he will be doubly happy, but his state never depends on that other person.  THAT IS MATURITY.  (at least for me).

How I usually write about things that I have lived or known, the other day some elderly neighbors argued because the man was doing something funny with other men of the same age.  And the lady (now older, I insist) scolded him, telling him that he was 80 years old and had not yet matured.

I, who now have a very sharp radar, made me think about what that woman considered maturity.

And it is that many times we coerce the people we love so as not to be ashamed and we do not stop to think that each one is free to act as it comes out of the soul and we will never be ashamed of the actions of others.

Doing silly things, enjoying yourself, doing some mischief, all this does not make a person more mature or less.

Reading is good therapy for those people who have been left behind with an archaic perception of the word maturity.

The more we learn, the more tolerant we are with others, the more tolerant the happier, and the more inner happiness, the more control you will have to make your own decisions as a mature and free person that you are.

So ladies and gentlemen, be mature without thinking of being bored about it.

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