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«We are our own devil and we make this world our own hell»

Leopoldo Espinosa Benavides

us creates his own hell on earth when we are negative, when we complain about everything, when we surround ourselves with bad people and they welcome us in their rottenness to feel better so as not to be alone.

Each of us chooses our own path and those who decide to walk destroying any bridge in their path will one day find that they will have to cross the same path and will not find bridges, they will stay in the same place without advancing.

Do not let yourself be turned off by people without light because they will end up stealing yours ……

Don’t let yourself be turned off by people without light because they will end up stealing yours ……

But if you go your way without destruction and using all the opportunities, you will walk the path accompanied and happy.

It does not enter my head, I am not able to understand beings without light and that is why, at times, I have let it steal.

Today has been a good day, I have longed for a lot, I have noticed the absences and I have not stopped thinking and thinking about my life and how I want to walk my way.

Do I walk alone or with someone?  I don’t trust humanity, I don’t trust people because at any moment they will stab you in the back.

People without light feed on the light of others and leave you in the dark, crouched waiting for them to decide to grant you that little ray of confidence.  Send them to hell and don’t let anyone dominate you.  When you have a knot in your stomach and you feel a chill through your body accompanied by immense sadness, it is because who you have by your side does not do you good

For all this I want to continue walking protecting my rear and perhaps my new destiny will bring me new confidence.

«There is nothing more anchored in memory than what you want to forget»

I want to extract from my memory so many bad things!  that I have a dread of having anfiance in my soul.

These rotten souls exist and will exist so it would be advisable to develop a sect sense to detect them.

Elena. M§

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