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Sé cómo un águila y visualiza tu día, tu vida para poder llegar a ello……. Soñar no es malo, por contra es lo que nos mantiene vivos. (imagen de Péxel)

Many times we complain that things don’t work out for us.

But for things to come out you have to visualize them as if it were a plan of your house.

Do not be lazy, do not be one of those who give everything up for lost before starting … And put the batteries before you give up, get up from the chair of broken dreams and create other new dreams.

It’s good enough to believe our cheap excuses to leverage ourselves on the same slab and not jump to the next one.  If things go wrong then bad luck but so much complaint already makes me desperate.  I get bored with myself when I give up everything for lost, when I convince myself that there is nothing else to do and I am making mistakes because every morning is a new opportunity.

If we ourselves do not see ourselves as successful, surely we will never be.  If before we start we see ourselves as losers, what a painful life, don’t you think?

I know that everyone talks about entrepreneurship, visualization and new technologies but it is real, it is true, it is what we must face in order to prosper.  I love hearing these speakers speak because even though they don’t say anything new, they do make us see reality and emotions from a totally new perspective.

I created a blog, which very few read, but I don’t care because it is my therapy.  I opened a web page myself that almost no one visits but I don’t care again because when I get tired I will focus my desire and my strength on something else and I will do it until I am already an old woman without strength.

In this life there is no use hiding, you always have to face and push forward.

I took a photography course to liven up my blogs and post photos of myself.  I don’t do it very well but nobody came out with everything learned from their mother’s womb.

I don’t like to visualize a long-term future because I don’t believe in it, but I do visualize my day to day.  Sometimes I give up because I’m human and it’s normal but complaining is useless.

Lately I start by giving thanks for what I have and then I think about how I want the day to go.

Looking no further does not get you anywhere, nor does the problems disappear because of it.  (20 minute image)

Not seeing beyond does not take you anywhere and the problems do not disappear because of it.  (20 minute image)

I know that everyday life is monotonous but I visualize how I want it to be, what I would like to see happen today, how I can give more color to the performance of all the tasks and that helps me start with a different attitude.  It does not matter that they are small things of the day to day what matters is to have the positive energy so that something different can happen.

Visualizing positive is the direct way to get to what we want.  We have to be eagles, look at things in perspective and act accordingly.  If you go through life like an ostrich with its head inside the earth, everything will happen around you and you will continue as always.

Laugh, arch your mouth and show your teeth, there is no greater virtue than drawing a smile on your face and laughing at the world.  This small gesture opens doors, minimizes bad mood and removes tensions …

And do not tell me that you already have many years because the years are in the soul they are not in the number.

Don’t ever create the same stories in your mind and go out into the world.

Visualize your day-to-day life with optimism and especially before setting foot on the ground when you wake up, think of something to give thanks for, I assure you that that minimal gesture changes your monotonous vision of the day.

No matter how bad you are, there is always something to be thankful for in your life.  Since I have been implementing this small gesture in my day to day I feel a little better.

A smile opens doors.

Elena. M§

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