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«Elegance is when the interior is as beautiful as the exterior»
Coco Chanel

«Personality is the best accessory you can wear»
Roberto Caballi.

One of the things that I like about fashion and image consulting is getting to know myself and what suits me best, what colors make my charms stand out (each and every one of us has charms) with which clothes I am most favored  . 

I am passionate about breaking schemes because fashion is also our way of expression.
With fashion, everything has a reason even if we do not realize it when choosing our outfit.

Freedom is always elegant «
Coco Chanel.

The difference between an elegant look and an apricot one is not so much in the garment you wear but in how you wear it. «Freedom is always elegant»
Coco Chanel.

The suit of a designer, we already know that it will have a good quality because the firm precedes it, but if our purchasing power does not give us to buy it in these exclusive stores, we have low-cost options as acceptable as the others.

So that your appearance is what you want to promote when it comes to fashion itself, here are some points that can help you…

** Choose something of good quality even if it is from a store more accessible to your pocket.  There are garments that at first glance do not have style because the low quality is patent and there are others that seem from an important firm although they are low cost.

** Buy trying on the clothes well and in your right size … Wearing super tight pants in a size that is not yours will be tacky, as if you buy a beautiful dress and it is two sizes less.  Regardless of how super skinny you are, you won’t look classy.  You have to buy the size you need.

** If you can afford to invest extra money in fashion, choose something that is timeless.  A signature bag, a handkerchief, a white blouse, a blazer, all these garments are always on trend and never go out of style.  Even if you spend a higher amount than usual, in the long run you will have amortized it much more than any other purchase of poor quality basics.

** When you dress and go to a special event, try to wear a good quality garment or accessory.  That will make a difference.  You can go dressed with a Zara lock (which on the other hand I love) but if the bag is signature, it will make the outfit you wear go up in category.  You can also choose a jewel, shoes, … in this way you will give a special touch to the look.

** Use the technique of * if you come up you uncover yourself down you cover ”.  I just made this phrase, although the concept is more than well known in the fashion world.  If you wear a powerful neckline in a blouse, you must inevitably wear a long skirt, wide pants for example «palazzos» or any other garment that does not reveal much skin.  And vice versa, the same.  Even if you wear two pieces of Chanel, if both are concise in their sizes, you will be chavacana and not very elegant … (it all depends on the use you are going to make of the look you are wearing. If you want to offer a night of debauchery, then  walking).

** Try to go unnoticed but noticeable.  A lot of perfume, for example, can bother even Chanel’s No. 5.  If we go to a party or a formal reception there may be people who cannot stand your perfume and if you take it to liters they will remember you but negatively.

** And finally, measure the length of your garments.  Depending on the event you go to, you have to follow some protocol rules if what you want is to be told_ How elegant you are!  _The garments do not make the elegance is the elegance that gives sophistication to the garments.

Garments do not make elegance, it is elegance that gives sophistication to garments.

To finish, that this blog is becoming eternal, tell you that if you want to stand out you don’t need to spend money, your way of being humble, close and with character will make a difference.

A person will be irresistible if he has an overwhelming personality, if he knows how to say NO on time and especially if he is free.  As Coco Chanel said “freedom is always elegant”.

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