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I am amazed at how many uncivil people there are in the world.

I’m sick of walking the streets and finding all kinds of garbage and disgusting because there are people who do not know how to live in a community.

Can you be clean at home and dirty on the street?  The answer is yes, but people who act this way portray themselves as being selfish caring.

Who takes care of his house and does not take care in which we all live, is a person without any empathy for others and reminds me of this little story that says:

A man comes to a town and goes to the source because he is very thirsty.  Then he really wants to defecate and he does it in the same fountain because he thinks that he will never go through there again and how selfish he is, he tells himself, that whoever comes after him, let him go.  Later, tired of walking a long way, he sees another fountain in the distance.  He was dying of thirst so he was overjoyed that he had been so lucky.  When he gets ready to drink he realizes that it is the same source where he defecated ”.  That is why the saying goes «never say this water I will not drink»

This type of self-centered people also act.  They shit on all the civic norms and have no guilt left.

There are bins on almost every corner of my neighborhood and the garbage containers are at a close distance, as there are still people who deposit the garbage bags in the bins.

I have witnessed similar situations and if you reprimand them or give them a wake-up call (because after all part of our money goes to conserving the streets), if you catch their attention they look at you as if to say – get in  your things that do not go with you.  _

Yes, it does go with me because then you’re going to throw something in the bins and you can’t because the garbage bag takes up all the space.

And let’s not say throwing all the unthinkable to the ground … spit, cigarettes, … … dog poop that their owners do not collect and that put all of us who have dogs in the eye of the hurricane, in the end ….

Every morning before 08:00 AM the cleaning services pass and they leave the street like the jets of gold but at 1:00 PM everything is sad.

And the issue is in the education that we give to the smallest. There are countries that by default do not conceive lacks in the norms of citizen coexistence and from a young age they learn basic norms, in addition their elders are the first to comply with them to  give a familiar example.

But here, in our country, if we scold a child for painting on the walls of your building, not only does the child answer you badly, but their parents also get angry leaving a message in the child that they can do whatever they want.  Kids who are a sponge and absorb everything they see will grow up with this lack of civility.

How what hurts us the most is scratching our pockets, they would have to impose considerable fines because that way we would learn much more.

Just as there are vigilantes in the streets to control the limited areas and that no car is longer than it has paid for, the same should be implemented for those who are «dirty».  Those same vigilantes with a reinforcement should be able to fine any act of violence.  «FINE TO THE SONG»

All done….

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